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Hello and welcome! I’m Jasmine Yap, a licensed pharmacist, seasoned property investor, devoted mother, and passionate traveler. I’ve created this space to share my insights, experiences, and resources on a range of topics that are close to my heart.

Health & Wellness​

As a pharmacist with a Master’s degree in Pharmacy, I have a deep understanding of health and wellness. Here, you’ll find valuable articles, tips, and resources to help you maintain your physical and mental well-being. Dive in to explore the world of health and wellness.

Making Money Online

The internet offers boundless opportunities to generate income. I’ve journeyed through this exciting landscape and am eager to share my learnings with you. Discover proven strategies, tips, and resources on how to make money online.

Property Investment

With years of experience as a property investor, I have insights to share about the world of property investment and managing rental income. Learn about property selection, investment strategies, and much more.


Parenting is one of life’s most rewarding journeys. Join me as I share my experiences and tips on balancing work and family life, and nurturing your children’s growth and development.


Traveling opens up new horizons and offers unforgettable experiences. Come along with me on my travels as I share my experiences, tips, and guides to help you make your own travel memories.

Jasmine's Insights

Delve into a wealth of knowledge from the world of health, wellness, online income, property investment, parenting, and travel. Discover practical tips, learn from my experiences, and join the conversation on topics that matter to you.