When you visit Queensbay Mall next time, do check out their newly renovated Jusco food court. You’ll be surprise!

If you often get bored with restaurant dine in and would like to try something different, you may have a look at the Jusco food court.

We visited last weeks and found it quite interesting. Pretty much like buffet style, but pay as you go model.

There have a wide range selections. From Japanese, Italian to local food.

I especially like the sandwich and Salad bar because they have my favourite quinoa. Imagine you can get a mixed salad , order a pizza, get a onigiri, tempura, a fresh coconut water, pudding dessert, and fresh fruits and enjoy it the dining area, but only pay a fraction of restaurant’s charges.

Brilliant move, Jusco! In this difficult economy, you’re helping our people to keep up the “living standard” without hurting the pocket too much.


A variety of sandwich and salad.

Quinoa Popiah

This is quite delicious, a packet of sesame salad sauce was given for free.

Two of us had all these for dinner for only around RM25. The orange bag is the cover of our reusable utensils we always bring along to reduce disposable plastic use. A small gesture to save the environment.

There’s also a Japanese onigiri counter. The jusco food court now really feel quite like Japan.

Pick and eat freshly.

Desserts. Sometimes they have 50% discount too.


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