In the seventh month of lunar calendar, there are many parties “por tor” around Penang. As such my husband since the beginning of the month he has to attend those party to entertain his client. As a result he has to consume much unhealthy food such as Siu Yok (Cantonese)/ Siuw Bak (Hokkien) / roast pork, fatty curry chicken, and drinking beers. Taste good but burden for the body. The next day he will wake up looking tired due to the alcohol residue.

Yesterday he told me that he would like to have smoothie for dinner. Then I went to buy the ingredients and made the avocado, apple, lemon, orange, and calpis milk smoothie. It taste good and about few hours later he told me he had an output already.

Today, he had to go eat Por Tor again and he demand to eat clean tonight for dinner. So I decided to make a papaya smoothie for him. It’s really tasty and fiber rich, I assume he will have a satisfying output very soon😀

If you are interested to know, below is the recepi for 2 person:

1 papaya

250ml original favour calpis cultured milk. Cultured milk is not an animal product, that’s what I like about it. It’s a Japanese brand recently entered into Malaysia, can easily get from supermarket.

250ml mango favour calpis cultured milk

2 teaspoon of Brahmi tone. This herbs can help to improve power of acquisition, power of retention, power of recollection and relief anxiety neurosis.

Brahmi tone powder is a natural herbs commonly used as supplement for boosting Memory.

10g of EnerFiber. It’s a natural fiber mix made of apple, kiwi, guava, and oligosaccharides.

Enerfiber dietary fiber made of botanical mix of apple, kiwi, and guava fruits. Great source of fiber to for colon cleansing and detox.

Add some water and ice cube into the blender.

Living healthy can be inexpensive! Cost about rm15 for 800ml of total smoothie blend made, enough energy and nutrition for dinner for two of us.




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